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Children's birthdays. Bachelor parties. Family outings.

Are you looking for an exciting outdoor activity with friends or family? Plan your kids' birthday party and scavenger hunt with just one app.

"Globe Chaser, as an outdoor app, is a revolution!"
Rebecca Lenz, b-ceed: events!

Globe Chaser is your leisure app for many activities

Outdoor fun events with smart technology for young and old

Children's birthdays and scavenger hunt

The classic not only for children
With Globe Chaser, children's birthday parties become an outdoor hit - in summer and winter. Plan your scavenger hunt with just a few clicks and child-friendly questions and tasks. Fun guaranteed!
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Outdoor rallies and family outings

From city tours to bachelor parties
It doesn't matter whether you want to experience a cultural city tour interactively on holiday or celebrate a stag party with your friends. Globe Chaser makes the excursion an absolute experience.
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GC- Smart Dashboard System

"Child's play to operate"
Not only the app is child's play to use, but also the backend system with its intuitive help guide. Design your first route yourself or use the auto-route system with just one click.
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Children's birthday party

Celebrate the child birthday of your loved one outside and plan a real scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt with Globe Chaser can also be planned with real, physical tasks, so that the kids have to find and photograph certain objects on the route, for example. Other tasks are for example "Sing your song", build a sundial etc. You then enter the answers and solutions in the app and off you go to the next checkpoint. Whether on foot or by bike: the scavenger hunt with the family will be a highlight.

Scavenger hunt with Globe Chaser for (children's) birthday - by bike or on foot
App for city tours and city rallies - Touristic version of Globe Chaser

Fun Events Excursions

Turn your birthday, bachelor party or other fun event into the ultimate outdoor experience. With Globe Chaser, it's not only fun, but also informative. During excursions, you can check famous places on the display and get interesting information. With the outdoor app Globe Chaser, the stag party will be quite entertaining - wet or not - with funny tasks not only for the bachelor or bachelorette.

Planningleisure time is child's play

Never before have you been able to plan your free time more intelligently. You always keep an eye on everything in your dashboard and you can watch everything of your experiences even later. The best photos from the scavenger hunt or the funniest video tasks from the bachelor party are safely stored and can be downloaded. The tour through the city or the bike ride are always part of you and if you want, you can share your experiences on social media.

Plans and prices

Look forward to exciting hours outdoors with your leisure app Globe Chaser. Whether it's a scavenger hunt for a child's birthday, a rally for a bachelor party or for other occasions: Globe Chaser is your ideal companion for exciting tours and excursions worldwide. You can plan and carry out an experience every month free of charge. If you want, you can use Globe Chaser more often - you can download exciting upgrades, altitude models for hiking and cycling tours and much more in the Globe Chaser Store.

Family and Friends

Free for private users
  • One experience per month
  • Intuitive route and experience designer
  • Create adventure routes on foot and by bike
  • One route / 1 activated device per experience
  • Up to 5 waypoints / tasks per route
  • Automatic translation of dynamic content
  • Create your own tasks / categories
  • Gallery function (pictures videos)
  • Use of the Challenge & Routes marketplaces

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Get to know the popular new app Globe Chaser and plan your individual outdoor experience with your family or friends today. Globe Chaser is your app for outdoor rallies, scavenger hunt events and more.

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Want to expand your experience? Then check out the affordable upgrades to your private fare. You can buy them if you want. They are then active in your account until you use them up.

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In 4 steps to the app experience

If you're still not sure what occasion would be worth using Globe Chaser for, don't worry, because the app and dashboard are free for you as a private customer - only if you want to expand your experience, you can buy upgrades in the store. The Globe Chaser app is also great for planning stag and hen parties, club parties, school events and trips with the kindergarten or family. Even entire holidays can become an unforgettable experience with Globe Chaser. Contact us now without obligation and free of charge.

1. become a member

Register free of charge and take a look at everything at your leisure. Practical help tips give you the incentive to start planning straight away. Create your first tasks or use the catalogue.

3. plan an experience

You'll quickly realise how easy it is to plan an experience. Choose free routes near you or plan your own challenges. Your dashboard is yours.

2. individualize

Depending on what you want to plan next, extras are useful. For example, if you want to compete against another team or plan longer tours, these can be purchased in the store.

4. have fun and enjoy

You can easily activate your experience in the dashboard and then you're ready to go. Download the app to your smart phone (iOS - Android from 08/21) and start your experience.

Leisure and experience App Globe Chaser

Globe Chaser® is the new app for outdoor leisure experiences. Experience scavenger hunt adventures, city rallies and more with just one app. The app guarantees fun for the whole family and exciting outdoor experiences with friends. Make your free time more exciting from now on and bring your family and friends outside. Whether in the city, in the country, in the forest or by the lake: Globe Chaser moves you and provides exciting outdoor experiences for children, families and friends on the iPad and iPhone.

Are you planning the next children's birthday party and still missing exciting ideas for games? Then Globe Chaser is the perfect choice to turn a classic scavenger hunt into an exciting experience. It's up to you whether you play together in a group, in teams or as a lone fighter. Exciting puzzles are waiting to be solved by you. Test Globe Chaser now and look forward to a digital scavenger hunt app for the whole family.

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