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Scavenger hunt as a bachelor party

Scavenger hunt as a bachelor party

A scavenger hunt for a bachelor party? Only with Globe Chaser!

Globe Chaser is the app for those who want to embellish the bachelor party with timeless memories. Plan your scavenger hunt for adults and make your trip an experience! This is how you say goodbye to life as an unmarried person.

Because your bachelorette party should be a highlight

A scavenger hunt is exciting, entertaining and a real highlight for the bachelor party. After all, it brings together what belongs together: unique experiences with your favorite people. Globe Chaser helps you to make your time together unforgettable. The ultimate outdoor experience can come with our app.

How does Globe Chaser work?

During the scavenger hunt, your smartphone displays interesting information and interesting facts about the surroundings. You can combine the local features with fun tasks. Once you have mastered these tasks, you can continue towards your destination. The Globe Chaser app shows you the progress of your individual route at any time via the dashboard. You can look back on all your experiences after the bachelor party.

Because: Photos or videos from your scavenger hunt can be safely saved in our app. All participants can download these via their smartphone. If you want, you can also share them on social media. This way, your loved ones can join in the excitement, even if they can't be there for your scavenger hunt. Maybe you want to review your bachelor party in the future? This is also possible with your Globe Chaser app. Thanks to it, the best moments of the trip will accompany you at all times. This also applies to the other participants of the scavenger hunt. In this way, you can permanently share the memory of your unique bachelorette party.

The advantages of the Globe Chaser Outdoor App

Globe Chaser makes planning a scavenger hunt for your bachelor party easy. It is interactive and can be used on any smartphone. In addition, registration is free. Once a month, you can also plan and carry out an experience for free. You want to use Globe Chaser not only for your bachelorette party, but regularly? In the store you can find exciting upgrades and even elevation models for your hikes. Planning bike tours or other excursions is also a breeze with your outdoor app.

Finally, Globe Chaser offers you one-click route programming not only for your bachelorette party. You can plan your day's adventures with just one click. The user guidance is always intuitive. This makes creating activities like a scavenger hunt child's play. You can edit your planning at any time via the app's responsive dashboard system. There you will find exciting information about local features as well as an overview of your route. In addition, you can save or download photos and videos. Sharing via your social media channels is also easy.

You want to inspire yourself and your favorite people with a special highlight for the bachelorette party? Learn more about the app!

Make every trip an experience

Whether you want to plan an unforgettable scavenger hunt for a bachelor party or the next hike - as an app Globe Chaser supports you with smart features. At the same time, it summarizes your most beautiful outdoor experiences in one place. If you wish, you can simply share these with your loved ones. This will convince you at the JGA and beyond.

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