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Globe Chaser has prepared comprehensive documentation and a helpdesk for you

To the helpdesk

Register for free in our helpdesk and send us your first ticket if the documentation does not help you.

To the documentation

The app and dashboard documentation contains lots of info, pictures and video tutorials to help you on your way to the experience.

In 3 steps to the helpdesk

1. register free of charge

The Globe Chaser helpdesk is 100% free of charge. As soon as you have registered for free, you can send us your request as a ticket. Tickets are messages that end up in our support department.

2. submit ticket

Our helpdesk system is set up in such a way that you can easily submit your concerns to us via ticket. In the ticket dashboard you can see your submitted and answered tickets.

3. help within 48 hours

You are guaranteed to receive a response from our support team within 48 hours of submitting a ticket. You will also receive an email as soon as a ticket has been answered.

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